FG-TECH is engaged in consultancy and sales of certified additive, de-icing and catalyst products for automotive and alpine. It also offers excellent fluid and lubricant analysis service for many sectors such as renewable energy and logistic.


It is important for every customer to take care of its car with the proper products that are able to respect the vehicle. FG-TECH offers additives for all engines, ensuring their cleanliness and increasing their performance.

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Multi no ice is a liquid de-icer with anti-scale agents, which is used during the winter season, both to prevent the formation of ice and for its quick removal. It is suitable for all surfaces as it is non-corrosive.

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Biogas catalysts are used as exhaust gas after-treatment in biogas cogeneration plants. Our industrial catalysts reduce residual emissions by 30, 20 or even 10 mg/Nm³ (CH2O).

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FG-TECH performs laboratory analysis by offering a wide range of services for the analysis of lubricants (oils and greases), operating fluids (diesel and fuel oils) and refrigerants.

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Why choose FG-TECH

Our clients can take advantage of specialized consulting

Our solutions take new technologies into account

Our products have the goal of reducing maintenance costs

Our products allow for greater energy saving

Industrial consultancy

Our work and sales are based on consultancy. Our highly skilled operators are ready to illustrate and advise which products best suit your needs.

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